Everyone has those days where words won't begin to describe how you feel. Why not help your words do exactly what they want? What better way to let your boss know your true feelings than by resigning with the help of Lizzie Borden ? How else would you confess ardent feelings of corporate takeover than through the script of Jesse James? And everyone will know you mean business when Jack the Ripper writes your cover letters.

KillerFonts offers you all that and more. Not only can you enlist the most notorious psychopaths to your aid, but also the weighty words of Important People. Who could ignore a speech written by Abraham Lincoln, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, or orders by Genghis Khan?

All Killer Fontsª are available in TrueType or PostScript, for Mac or PC, are 100% post-consumer content, and were never tested on animals.

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