Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the French island of Corsica, as were his 4 brothers and 3 sisters. His brothers were Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846) his younger brother, Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840) who was also his younger brother, Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) his older brother and Jerome Bonaparte (1784-1860) his youngest brother.

Napoleon was not the only Bonaparte who is well remembered. Napoleon's sister-in-law Elizabeth Bonaparte was on her deathbed when someone made the observation that nothing was as death. Elizabeth added "Except taxes"... then she died.

Nepoleon was born in 1761 and died in 1821. He was born August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica. His name was Napoleone Buonaparte in Corsica but it became Napoleon Bonaparte in French. His parents were Carlo (Charles) Buonaparte (1746-1785) and Letizia Ramolino Buonaparte (1750-1836).

Napoleon was educated at École Militaire, in Paris. Napoleon graduated in 1785, at the age of 16. Napoleon was a National Guard for Corsica untill 1793 when Corsica declared independence. Napoleon and his family then fled to France. He was then assigned, as a captain, to an army that was besieging Toulon.

Napoleon soon took over France. His goal became to concer all of Europe. Through out his life time he narly sucseded in his goal even though he was baned to Elba island twice. Napoleon was probelly the greatest military leader that ever lived.

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