"Billy was fourteen year old when he killed his first man in Silver City, New Mexico. He was a porter and general bootblack around the hotel. He came from New York or somewhere in the east. There was a fellow there in the hotel who kept deviling Billy, and Billy told him that if he did not let him alone, he Billy the Kidwould kill him. The next morning the fellow commenced deviling him again and grabbed a hold of him, so Billy killed him. Then he went out and stole him a horse and left and went down on the Pecos River where Chisolm's outfit was, and joined them. He hired to Chisolm as a cowboy and then Chisolm gave him five dollars a head for killing men. The Lincoln County war was going on. It was a cow men's war. They were fighting over the grazing land for cattle. Chisholm wanted it all. The war lasted about a year. After the war, Billy the Kid did not surrender. The government of New Mexico pardoned all these men, but Billy did not surrender to them." --Louis Bousman

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